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April 13, 2012

Barbara Tfank at Neiman Marcus

Film-Worthy Fashions

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Film designer-turned-fashion designer Barbara Tfank introduced her spring trunk show of ladylike classics at a luncheon and evening cocktail to benefit Atlanta History Center

Kristen Lattimore Kristen Lattimore




















The VIPs

Cyndae Arrendale and this year’s Atlanta History Center Designer Luncheon honoree Jada Loveless played host to fashion designer Barbara Tfank, alongside Neiman Marcus GM Mark Fillion

The Venue

Neiman Marcus at Lenox Square

The  Highlights

Designer Barbara Tfank Designer Barbara Tfank

Guests enjoyed luncheon and/or evening cocktails with fashion designer Barbara Taft during a day-long spring trunk show at Neiman Marcus. Roaming models showed off Taft’s ladylike sheaths and glam cocktail dresses with  aspects of a retro Mad Men chic. Jada Loveless conducted an informal interview with Taft during the luncheon, revealing Taft’s past experience in costume designs for Hollywood films and her love for ravishing textiles. Among Taft’s clients: Uma Thurman, Adele, and Angelina Jolie. Taft revealed that her spring 2012 collection was inspired by the late, glamorous Elizabeth Taylor.


The Scene-Makers

Among the stylish crowd: Barbara Joiner, Kay Quigley, Charlene Crusoe-Ingram, Susan Tucker,  Debbie Neese, Lisa Fuller, Cindy Voyles, Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel, Sally Johnson, Dottie Smith,  Joanne Gross, Sally Dorsey, Danielle Berry, Dot Stoller.

Models in designs by Tfank Models in designs by Tfank


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